I was lucky enough to travel the world and i always asked the people i met throughout my trips to show me their local adresses in order to make sure i would get the best experience . 

I hosted many of my friends in Paris and of course i tried to show them the best original spots in the city . 

the offer for food in Paris is tremendous but one has to realise that there is a vast number of restaurants and spots that are at best ordinary and at worst dreadfull . 

So, to make sure you'll make the best of your stay in the City , let me take you on a trip to the best and affordable treats Paris has to offer . 

WELCOME & most of all : ENJOY....

 contact : samy.gallet@gmail.com


Ok this is going to be a cold winter. Pleure

But "le Food Market" won't leave you standing in the cold without réaction. 

To celebrate Christmas, they decided to organize a "Christmas Food Market's Spécial" 

Street food from all over the world , soft prices and after a few drinks , nobody feel the cold anymore

Between metro Menilmontant et Courronnes ( Line 1 Nation / Porte Dauphine) fom 6.30pm to 10:30pm


Play it Again SAAM

The new BAO burger  is HERE : SAAM click there République-Nation

  • Burgers

    Forget MacDonald's , Burger King , Quick and all that . Paris reinvented the home made Burger . France is The Cheese Country ! so what did you expect ....

  • Pizzas

    i became addicted to pizza very young . My first NYC was a religious experience . I though that i could never find good Pizza in Paris But........

  • Asian Delights

    Asia Invented Street Food and there is a huge and dynamic Asian community in Paris . It comes as no surprise to find great Asian Spots from different countries in the City

  • So Sweets

    Desserts , Cakes , Pastries , Ice Cream , Sweets
    Paris will have your head spin and the offer is legendary . This will just pin point the best and affordable spots coz that would be the never ending list

  • Surprise Me !

    Street food , Small spots , Hidden spots that will make you swoon .. Each Craving can be satisfied if you know where to go

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