I m A Freak for Pizza : that 's a fact 

POPOLARE just opened on March 16th and it's a success. Pepole who already knew the concept of East Mama , Uber mamma and Obermama are not surprised since the owners are the same but they dreamt big this time and the place is as spectcular as the food is gogeous so run ... 

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Food Market Thursday April 6 2017



FOOD MARKET IS BACK on april 6  from 18:30 to 22:00 

the food market is back on its natural setting but with now here come the sunny times . 

all detail s heree : Food Festivals







I was lucky enough to travel the world and i always asked the people i met throughout my trips to show me their local adresses in order to make sure i would get the best experience . 

I hosted many of my friends in Paris and of course i tried to show them the best original spots in the city . 

the offer for food in Paris is tremendous but one has to realise that there is a vast number of restaurants and spots that are at best ordinary and at worst dreadfull . indulging yourself to junk food is not a crime if you chose carefully 

So, to make sure you'll make the best of your stay in the City , let me take you on a trip to the best and affordable junk treats Paris has to offer . 

WELCOME & most of all : ENJOY....

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  • Burgers

    Forget MacDonald's , Burger King , Quick and all that . Paris reinvented the home made Burger . France is The Cheese Country ! so what did you expect ....

  • Pizzas

    i became addicted to pizza very young . My first NYC was a religious experience . I though that i could never find good Pizza in Paris But........

  • Asian Delights

    Asia Invented Street Food and there is a huge and dynamic Asian community in Paris . It comes as no surprise to find great Asian Spots from different countries in the City

  • So Sweets

    Desserts , Cakes , Pastries , Ice Cream , Sweets
    Paris will have your head spin and the offer is legendary . This will just pin point the best and affordable spots coz that would be the never ending list

  • Surprise Me !

    Street food , Small spots , Hidden spots that will make you swoon .. Each Craving can be satisfied if you know where to go

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