A word 4 all my PIZZA Freaks !!

Italy and New York are the reason why i became a Freak for Pizza. 

From now on , every time i have a chance to travel to those places , the first thing i do when i got off the plane and left my suitcase at the hotel is go out and get a slice. that simple dish,well executed, can be very addictive . Like the late Amy , my friends said that i should go to rehab but following Amy's advice I say....NO..NO..NO ! 

God knows i Love Paris BUT i took me years to find a decent Pizza in here and i was lucky to find one. Things have evolved and i intend to give you the best of the best adresses in Paris for all you Pizza freaks like me. I don't discriminate , i love my thin & crispy Pizza but i also like my thick and crispy one .