Surprise Me

When i started that Blog , i realized that some spots did not enter any of the categories that i wanted to cover . 

I decided to create that section to make sure that your every crave could be satisfied and prove that Paris is full of suprises if you know where to go 

  • Barbecues & Grills

    This is an American Classic that finally found its way to Paris.
    This trend is growing faster every year and spots try to play it by the book and there is no temptation yet to give it a french treatment and you know what : i like it like that far

  • Comfort Snacks

    Hot Dogs , Lobster roll , Scrumptious Sandwiches and Comforting Kebab

  • French Soul Food

    When i was introduced to Soul Food in San Francisco or Atlanta , i quickly understood the french connexions (slow food , sauce , ingredients , cooking techniques).
    Is Cassoulet soulfood ?
    For sure it is ! so here are the best spots for the french "soul food" classics

  • Bring It Home

    whenever i travel abroad i always make sure to bring back transportable food of the things i tasted that i liked.For the last 5 years Paris have seen the opening of many French regional counters where you can find delicious and carefully chosen artisan products .
    why don't you bring it home ?