Starvin' Joe

Starvin Joe
42 Rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris
M°Bastille / Ledru Rollin
from Monday to Sunday

Bastille is one hell of a busy area in Paris 

Restaurants are legion and it's hard to pick up a spot. 

Starvin Joe is offering a great deal of Burgers with soft priced formula . 

The place is very small but there are a few seats and tables to eat outside but take away might be the best pick especially since the staff could be warmer. 

At this point Starvin Joe should clean their act very quickly because a new and very promising spot is about to open one block away ( the Successful 3 chefs owned French Burgers is opening in a few days ) 

East Side Burgers

East Side Burgers
60 Boulevard Voltaire, 75011 Paris
M°St Ambroise ( L9)

Vegans & Veggies brace yourself ! enjoy Veggie or Vegan  Burgers and Hot Dogs ? this spot is for you but not only. East Side Burgers is a great ambassador for healthy and very tasteful food so no matter if you're vegan or not : when it's good , it's good period . 

Short Menu with 5 different burgers ( all of them can be ordered in their Vegan Version ) . The fresh french fries are excellent . 

Soft-priced formula . 

You might wanna try desserts coz they are really good ( and gluten free )

A nice Experience  




3 Rue Yves Toudic, 75010 Paris
M°République or Goncourt

When you opened 4 different places in Paris , you can consider yourself a success . 

Blend's is all about well sourced products and Freshness ( Bun's from a famous baker , Meat from superstar butcher Yves Marie Le Bourdonnec)  

Any of their burgers exist in a veggie version ( not as good as East side Burgers but that will do the trick ) 

Contrary to a lot of burger spots , you can actually come as a group ( make a reservation though) and find a nice place to seat and enjoy your meal there . 

Menu is very short but there always a Special 

Blend is also one of the place that propose a choice of sweet potatoes Fries in their menu if you want . 

Mamie Burger

75 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis
75010 Paris
M° Strasbourg St Denis or République

Before you go to Mamie Burger , make sure you re starving cause like every Grandma she will hook u up and she does not intend to let you leave the place with an empty stomach . 

No grand revolution here , classic burgers , well executed and whatever Mamie Burger you go ( there are 4 of them in Paris ) the team is very nice and dédicated and that's  what you waiting from in a Burger Joint . 

Great place to go after or before a movie since the 3 other ones are near Theatres ( Opéra , Grands Boulevards or Folies Bergères ) 



50 rue du Faubourg Saint Denis, 75010 Paris
M° Chateau D'eau ou Strasbourg St Denis
From Monday to Sunday

PNY is for Paris New York 

one word : come early or get ready to wait . it took me a while to test this one cause everytime i came there was a line so i decided to come around 12h one day , had a beer in the bar right in front and wait til the place opened .  

this is the Orignal one ( there 's now 2 other PNY in Oberkampf and le Marais) and the smallest. 

A little more expensive than your average burger joint but the quality is there and Homemade is the word ( the sauce , the matured tasty meat ) : they even do there own Dr Pepper for god sake and you know what ... it's gooooood