Burger et Fils

Burger & Fils is really the only all burger joint in the area that is worth blogging about .

We're talking classic american burger here with a smart  " Create your Own burger"  menu

The result is pretty good and tasty and they play the burger by the book .

The decor is american diner style ( red and white ) , the service is nice .

2 remarks though :

  • Since you want to go american , one should had a larger selection of  american soft  ( doc Pepper , Mountain Dew , Snapples )  and beers.
  • Since you propose a "create your own burger" why no choice of cheese ( Cheddar, Swiss , blue Cheese )  

Aubrac Corner

Aubrac Corner is located next to the Brasserie L'Aubrac. 

They specialized in bringing the best Aveyron Products ( Aveyron is in south of france but not by the sea ) : Sausages , Beef Meat and the famous Mashed potatoes mixed with Tomme cheese and Garlic called Aligot. 

They decided to open Aubrac Corner to give Burgers and Hot Dog the Aveyron flavour . 

The result is brillant , the quality of the meat is exceptionnal and this is one the best lunch meal you can get in the Champs Elysées which is so infamous for the lack of originality of its proposition . 

My only criticism : The team could be nicer...