Le Ruisseau

LE Ruisseau
Rue du Ruisseau
75018 Paris
Tuesday to Sunday

Located downhill from Montmartre in the Bohemian chic part of the district , Le Ruisseau is a very nice Burger Joint .

Everything is done on the spot ( Buns , Sauces, Fresh French Fries).

Recepies includes the Classics of course (you can choose your proteine from Beef ,Chicken or Veggie steak) but not only. Being in France , Le Ruisseau bring their own receipes with selection of some cheeses from the best suppliers and added some home made secret tastefull condiments. there is also weekly spécial Burger for those who come often 

You can add extra topping of cheese , Bacon , home made Guacamole or Jalapenos.

There a is an irresistible 12E lunch Formula ( Burger+ Fries + Soda ) .

Where there is cheese , there is wine and le Ruisseau provide a smart selection of wines and beers to your taste. if you have trouble choosing one burger , you can also try your selection of 3 mini burgers. You can make reservation ( if you're more than 2 u should coz it's a success ) . In Summertime there are few tables for 2 outside) 

Visit Website : http://www.leburgerjoint.com/


Garnett Burger

85, rue Cardinet
From Tuesday to Saturday

If the Devil decides one day to create a Burger , he should probably take advices from Garnett. 

Ok first things first : The place is superclean but does not look good so "take away" is the best option. it's very small and the wood tables and wood benches are not cosy 

Come early or late cause you might experience line. 


Garnett Sure know how to make Fat, Fresh, Tasty finger licking rich Burgers 

Buns comes from a famous Baker in Paris , Angus Meat , Fresh French Fries , Home Made Sauces ( the Parmisian Sauce for the fries is just addictive ) 

I confess that the Veggie Burger is THE best in the Paris Burger Market ( Fresh Mushroom Fricassée + Buffala Mozarella , Fresh spinach , tomato , Basil , caramelized onions and Aioli Sauce ) 

The Pulled Pork Burger is MEAN !!!

Whatever Burger you chosse , you can do no Wrong but you sure be damned . and if you refuse to choose try the three mini burgers deal 



Le French Burger

There are three things that matter in property: location, location, location.

As far as Le French Burger is concerned this is exactly the same .  French Burger found its place in that blog because it's a very busy area of the Montmartre district . this specific area is well known for the quality of its food shop ( butchers , bakers , cheeses , bio veggies ) and the French Burger made the commitment to work exclusivlely with those shops 

Burgers might not be the best you've ever eaten but they still garantee a great quality. Apart from the Classics , one has to check the specials cause they dare to surprise you with for example the excellent lamb burger that you won't find everywhere 

No Site avalaible 

More Burgers !!

the busy area of les halles and le marais ; as you shop you might want to stop and enjoy the comfort of a burger ; see what this area have in store for you