5 Rue Paul-Louis Courier, 75007 Paris
M°Sèvres Babylone / Solférino (l12)

Definitely the best Pizza on the lef bank that i know 

The pizzas look great , smell great and taste wonderful . 

Great products , Great counter propositions if one of you is not a Pizza fan . 

The prices are a little more expensive but you 're on the left bank and not far from the golden triangle so that make sense . 


Pizza Chic

Pizza Chic
13, rue de Mézières
75006 Paris
from monday to sunday
M° St Germain des Prés / Rue Du Bac

Ok The pizzas are great 

Ok the location is really nice 

Ok the waiter and waitress should start a modelling career  

But the Prices are just a tad too expensive . not put Pizza Chic in that blog would have been unfair coz the taste is there but come on : pizza is an inexpensive dish and i m not here to pay the expensive rent ...