Il Brigante

Il Brigante
14 Rue du Ruisseau, 75018 Paris
M°Jules Joffrin
Tuesday to Saturday

in that neigbourhood , this one's the best 

The first person you meet when you pass the door is Salvatore ( see the pic ) preparing pizza cause you enter through the kitchen . 

The place is very small and very disturbing cause it seems that they started to decorate the place and stop right in the middle of it for a reason that will never be explained . 

If you want to dine on the spot , make sure you make a reservation or come at noon sharp for lunch . 

Nothing French in here , consider yourself in Calabra for the time you're going to spend here. The quality of the cold cuts and sausage is insane . The quality of the cheeses is also great . 

The prices are not cheap but very honnest ( from 9E to 18 E ) 

The place is only 4 years old but it's reputation never cease to grow. 

Type of Pizza : Thin 


Mamma Roma

Mamma Roma
2 Rue Francoeur, 75018 Paris
M° Lamarck Caulaincourt
Monday to Sunday

For Those who prefer thick Pizza ( al Taglio ) like in Rome , Mamma Roma is a good deal 

the principle is a pay as you eat and you can choose between 14 different types of Pizza from the most simple (margarita)  to the most fancy ( Truffle) , you also choose the size of your portion since you pay upon the weight 

Take a Bite and let the magic work :  It's smooth inside, but still crispy outside. Really light dough with bubbles, not a brick of bread that falls in our stomach. it's like biting in a fresh french baguette straight from the oven.


Le Camion du 104

Le Camion du 104
104 rue d'Aubervilliers
75019 Paris
M° Stalingrad
Tuesday to Friday Lunchtime only
Saturday Sunday from 11h to 23h

Food Trucks are everywhere in Paris now but you need to track them to know where they are at . Well , not the "Camion du 104" truck because this truck is inside the hall an urban cultural center located at the 104 . 

There are a few table for you to sit or there is a nice little park right it front of the cultural center if you decide to take it away . 

The week end especially , you will also have the opportunity to watch spectacular  breakdance and urban dance training through the windows . 

The thin Crust pizza are very tasty and the prices are very sweet. Everybody in the area knows and love this spot .