Pizza Dei Cioppi

Pizza Dei Cioppi proposes pizza al taglio of great quality with a thin crust and good ingredients. The kitchen is wide open and you can see the pizzaioli working . The authenticity of the product should be satisfiying but i ve been there many times since it's not far from home and i got one and only problem . the coldness of the service and the absence of warmth in the place. 

Since this is not the only pizza spopt in the area , i think they should try to improve that cause the pizze are worth it . 


Louie Louie

78 Rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris
du lundi au dimanche
M° Charonne ou Ledru Rollin

Louie Louie puzzles me . 

Pizzes are delicious , thin crust and great products ( a little pricey though ). So far i only bought their pizza to Go . The reason is that i feel unconfortable in the place Decor . 

Not your boy next door Pizza spot . The place is nice don't get me wrong but too cold and too stiff and it s infectious ( the stiffness of the waiters and waitresses , altough nice and polite, is disturbing ) . you could hear a fly . 

I would not be surprising if Louie Louie  was  a trendy , hype restaurant but coming from a Pizza Spot , it feels contrieved and awkward   



East Mamma

East Mamma
133 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, 75011 Paris
M° Ledru Rollin or Bastille

The place, the service  and the food you serve is what make a food experience a good or a bad one .

Is East Mamma pizza better than Louie Louie for example . No they re equally good .

The difference is the warmth you get from the place .  it's right in between the typical italian Cucina and the hipster spot . they found the right balance and that what make the success of that restaurant ( and the other Mamma restaurant opened in Paris since ) . It appeals to families but it appeals to the fashonista and younger crowd .   

If the place is full and you're offered to eat on Terrace : Forget it cause " rue du faubourg st Antoine" is very busy and noisy .