Pink Flamingo

When i first heard about Pink Flamingo , I was puzzled with the concept : transfer the ingredients from culinary hits such as Paella , Tajine on a pizza and make it work .

Mission accomplished .. Spot on !

the originality is there so if you're down for some true daring choices , Pink Flamingo will be your next Cantine real soon .

My favorite so far is the Almodovar ( imagine a paella on a Pizza ) with Chicken spanish Style ( Safran , onions , pepper , peas and tomato ) , Gambas and Chorizo .

I also loved the Ho Chi Mihn : Chicken and Gambas cooked in a Green Curry and Coco milk , coriander and crusched peanuts .  



Geoffroy l' Olive

Geoffroy L'Olive
3 Rue Geoffroy l'Angevin, 75004 Paris
From Tuesday to Saturday

Nice Setting 

Classic well executed pizza with good sourced ingredients . The team is dedicated to help you spend a great time and the place is very engaging . 

this spot is a little hidden in a quiet and small street so you could miss it and THAT would be too bad. 

Very successful though. 


La Cerise sur la Pizza

La Cerise sur la Pizza
32 rue St Paul
75004 Paris
From Monday to Sunday

South of France and Marseille in particular has always been famous for it's Pizzas . 

My parents used to live in the area for a long time and before i went to the U.S , that was my reference in terms a what a good pizza was supposed to be like . That's why i was so disappointed when i first arrived in Paris.

La Cerise sur la Pizza does not play the Marseille card on its setting , but it sure does in the plate and that's what count .

Classic mediterranean Pizza with classic toppings excecuted to perfection . Close your Eyes and you're on the Cannebière ( Marseille's Port )  

Succes is there and they now have 3 spots in Paris 


As i was writing on my Home Page , America and NYC in particular made me the pizza freak that i am . When i heard about Slyce , i was curious . As you'll witness if you go , i almost missed the joint cause its so SMALL . Pizza by the Slice is not common in Paris 

The first time i went there it was early lunch time so i had the chance to discuss with the owner. He's been living in NYC and SFrancisco and he's been working in Pizza joints in both   cities ( Escape from NY on Haight Street ) . So when he got back home 6 years ago, he decided to open a" pizza by the slice" joint . 

Big success : My advice since there is no possibility to eat on the spot is to take it away and go sit in the place des Vosges square which is 2 mn walk away.