Cassoulet / Auberge Pyrénées-Cévennes

Auberge Pyrénées-Cévennes
106, rue de la Folie-Méricourt
from Monday to Saturday

For me Cassoulet is nothing more that the ultimate french Junk Soul Food and that said, Chef Daniel Constantin’s version of this exquisitely ruddy stew of beans, fatback, preserved duck, and sausage will be one of the best things you’ve ever eaten. 

The place is old school french cuisine only . Prices there a resasonable ( considering the quality of the food ) . the 31 Euros Menu is a classic fest and you can get the Cassoulet on it (but bring your apetite ) 


Boeuf Bourguignon / chez René

Chez René
14 boulevard Saint-Germain 75005 Paris
M°Cardinal Lemoine

This restaurant built its reputation with the quality of its Boeuf Bourguignon .

Those Beef cuts slowly cooked in red wine melts in your mouth and it make you feel so good

Chez René knows its french culinary classics and played them with virtuosity so if you're not down for a bourgnuignon , feel free to check the menu and i m sure you'll find your poison . 

Like a few restaurants in Paris ( la Biche au bois Paris 12 , Chartier Paris 9 ) Chez René cultivates its non fashionability and its old school status and vibe to give you a chance to experience what it was like to be in Paris back in the days .  



Poule au Pot / La Poule au Pot

9, rue Vauvilliers
75001 PARIS
From Tueday to sunday

from 7pm to

Henry IV wanted his subjects to eat a tasty boiled chicken every sunday . He would be happy to know that four centuries later, a restaurant named "La Poule au Pot" in the heart of Paris Les Halles, serves this traditional dish every night (they're not opened for lunch) and symbol of French gastronomy.

Some adresses never die and that's a good thing  . "La Poule au Pot" is one of them . and god knows that even located at les Halles , the street in which it is is really narrow and hidden . That discretion and the fact that they are opened all night is problably  the reason why La Poule au Pot hosted every single Rockstars in the book since the 60's . From the Rolling Stones to the Beatles , From Dire Strait to Pink Floyd , From Prince to Daft Punk they all came and left a note in their Guest Book

Have no hesitation and take the Poule au Pot , it's moist , tasteful , not heavy on the stomach 

The PERFECT aftershow Table . 

Choucroute / Chez Jenny

Chez Jenny
39 Boulevard du Temple, 75003 Paris
M° République

SauerKraut is originally a German Dish . Due to its History troughout the centuries , West of France ( Alsace) made it a French Specialty either .

This is a Pork extravaganza ( Different kind of sausages, Pork Pallet , Ham Knuckle ) with side of Sauerkraut and potatoes . 

The secret is in the quality of the Sauerkraut and the quality of the different meat . 

Jenny is the most famous (and yet very affordable) Weinstaub in Paris and their Sauerkraut would give you a run for your money . 

Have a Beer or better have Alsacian white wine to go with it . 


Babylone Bis

34 Rue Tiquetonne, 75002 Paris
M°Etienne Marcel
All Night Service

I could not entitle that section Soul Food without giving you any tip about Creole Food in Paris.

Creole Food is the origin of Soul Food with classics such as Braised Chicken , Colombos , Accras , Fried Plantain Banana .  

Babylone Bis is a Night Restaurant and is a very solid institution. Like "La poule au Pot", It s been the Cantine for a lot of artists throughout the years like Stevie Wonder , Rihanna , Beyonce , John Legend , Snoop Dog or Lenny Kravitz to name a few but it's affordable enough for anybody to come to .

 Entrance look like a Club Entrance so as soon as you're inside, it's like entering a new dimension so just sit and relax and most of all... don't try to rush . 

Attention Though : Credit Card is not always accepted ( but there a close ATM )