83, rue de Turbigo
75003 Paris
M°République, Temple
from Monday to Saturday from 11:45 to 21:45

GABE is the Name and HOTDOG is The Game 

I got to confess that i ve never been wowed by American hot dogs . I 'm not talking about the one you can buy in the streets stands in NYC for those are reaaaaaally awful . i' m talking about Nathan's in Coney island or Pink in LA . their hot dog  tasty but heavy and greasy ( not to mention small ) 

GABE is the "frenchised" version of hot dog . Let's forget that the concept is a pure marketing storytelling stunt ( the gabe mentionned is a pure invention ).

Strength :

  • The quality and size of the DOGS ( they come from East of France Alsace ) and the freshness of the receipes ( includes the classic ingredients and bring some new one ) .
  • The soft priced meal deal ( from 7,5€ to 11€ )

Weaknesses : why this bearnaise sauce on the jacked potatoes ? next time i will ask without 





74 rue turbigo
75010 Paris
from monday to friday from 12:00 to 06:00 pm

Dont refer Stéphane & Sam Bellahcene's sandwiches as kebab unless you want to be rude to them. Like Grillé ( a little belo on this page ) , they decided to elevate the meat sandwich by using well sourced meat ( chicken , turkey , veal and beef ) , a more diverse choice of veggies ( mushrooms , jalapenos , cucumber , carrots , cabbage ) and french power cheeses ( Ostari , Comté , Raclette ) 

price are soft and the owners are really nice . You can create your own sandwich or choose through 8 recipies and 2 daily specials . 


142 rue st Denis
Paris 1
M° Etienne Marcel

Oh my funky omelette!!

You can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs . that said , the secret to a good omelette comes from the freshness of the eggs , the quality of the filling and the precision in the cooking . in the 70's an omelette sandwich was a classic snack but it fell out style .

Arsène decided to bring it back in style and propose a smart and tasty 2016 version of the classic .

Bread is toasted and curved into a gutter to serve as a recepient to the omelette. 5 different yummy recipes including usually a proteine like veal , chicken , ham or roastbeef + a cheese like blue cheese , reblochon , raclette , brie and some herbs , veggies and toppings ) . 

If you feel inventive ( and i know you are ) you can create your own recepies. 

you will appreciate the inventivity of Arsène's side order proposition . No fries here but hello to the galinette ( see picture ) . it's like a cube of potato made of potato thin slices rubbed in butter and garlic.

very smoot pricing ( lunch deal from 11 including side order and a drink to 15 including the later + a dessert and a free coffee ) .

Give it a try real quick


15 Rue Saint-Augustin, 75000 Paris
M° 4 septembre / Bourse

Kebab slowly but surely became a part of our urban landscape as it is a quick way to satify a craving and it's cheap . 

BUT lot of them are very greasy , the sourcing of the meat is a little obscure .

Grillé is the gastronomic answer to that by giving nicely sourced meatS ( veal,lamb and .. pork )

Minute maid bread and fresh filling and sauces . Fresh french Fries 

The result is yummy . very busy for lunch cause all the traders ( Paris Stock Exchange is a block away ) 

La Pointe du Grouin

La Pointe du Grouin
8, rue de Belzunce
Paris (75010)
M°Gare du nord

La pointe du Grouin's name is a pun , Grouin is a part of Britanny and the name of the pork muzzle . 

Hidden does not mean unknown and Thierry Breton ( pic ) owns the 3 resaurants in the street.

This one is the latest, the coolest ...and the cheapest of them all . Very busy both for lunch and diner. this restaurant has its own money than you can change : the Grouin ( 1 Grouin = 10 euros)

you order , you seat and wait for your name to be called ( or yelled coz it can be noisy at times ) . Pork is the star of the place and you can have it in many way and forms ( in a Crèpe , in a sandwich ) . little plates to share with drinks (Cider being the star here ) . hsi britain superstar pastry the kouign-amann is served after a short passage under the grill ( which make crunchy and buttery like it should) 

The owner is very charismatic and very nice to talk with . you can tell the guy is passionate and it shows . 



Frenchie to Go

Frenchie To Go
9, rue du Nil
Paris (75002)
M° Sentier , Bonne nouvelle

Craving for an affordable Lobster Roll : Go to Frenchie to Go 

Located near the famous restaurant Frenchie ( a little expensive for me but great restaurant ) , Frenchie to go propose the best deli sanchwiches you can get .

Everything is done on the spot ( the pastrami , smoked trout , bacon , sauerkraut , Scones and even their own Ginger beer )

The result are flavorfull sandwiches and one hell of a good Lobster roll .  



Urfa Durum
56 rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis
75010 Paris
M° Strasbourg-St Denis/Bonne Nouvelle,

This might the freshest and healthiest  Durum ( meat sandwich ) in the city . 

Flat bread are minute maid . Meat is cooked in a wood oven which give it this specific taste . 

Filling are fresh and generous . 

They also have a specialty of Lahmacuns ( Armenian Pizza )  that are delicious 

The line speaks for itself at noon . One bite and you're hooked .

And did i mention how cheap it is ? What's not to like 

Daily Syrien

Daily Syrien
55 rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis 10e Paris
Métro : Château d'Eau, Strasbourg-Saint-Denis ou Bonne Nouvelle

Rue Du Faubourg St Denis is a goldmine when it comes to worldwide Junkfood . 

Daily Syrien is a funny and smart concept combining a Newsstand and a typical Syrian Cantine .

This could sound as a joke if the food was not so good . In Fact Ahmad ( the Owner ) came from Syria to Stockholm years ago and arrived in Paris in 2012 when he succesfully opened that spot . He wants to give his take on Oriental spécialties such as Kebbe , Hommous , Oriental Tabuleh and Chawarma as well as fresh and crunchy Falafel .

The sucess is real and he recently opened another spot a block away ( rue des petites écuries )  


15, Rue des Archives
75004 Paris
M°Hotel de Ville / Rambuteau

As far as New york is concerned , i remember being impressed with the Pizzas . but the second food specialty i was not impressed with was the HOT DOG . the one you can get in the streets are usually dreadful and the ones i tried in places like Nathan's in Coney island were so greasy ( though tastefull ) i felt guilty to take the second bite 

So when i heard of a new paris Spot for Hot dog called Kraft i went there with low expectations.. God , was i wrong !! like everything , quality of the ingredients is the key and Kraft is all about that and it shows 

Visually their hot dogs are inviting and the taste does not contradict. 3 different choices plus one Special Reciepe (change every 3 days )  qualifies Kraft as one of the best HOT DOG experience you can get in Paris 

Ar Poul Gwen

Ar Poul Gwen
11 Rue Étienne Marcel, 75001 Paris
M° Etienne Marcel
From Monday to Sunday

I was walking along with my nephew on the very busy Rue st Denis near les Halles 

Until recently this area was infamous for its greasy and sometimes unsanitary food spots .So when my nephew asked for a crepe , i fell compelled to oblige but i was concerned in finding the right spot since most of the crepes i ate in the area were soooooo  ordinary . 

That's when saw Ar Poul Gwen and the first thing that caught my eye was the surprising association of britanny flag and the brazilian flag all together . 

We went there and asked for explanation i was told the owner is for Britanny but he loves Brazil ( ... ) and we ordered 2 crepes . he already own one succesfull crepes restaurant in la Baule 

Wow , Fresh , crispy and perfect filling . 

Now everytime we're in the neighborhood , my nephew can find the spot with a blindfold. 

Great Surprise 




56 rue de Saintonge
75003 Paris
M°Filles du Calvaire

This is actually a Bar but they serve some of the best tacos and burritos in the city so if you want spend a nice evening ( Cocktails are REALLY good like the spicy Green Hornet ) 

the place is a little jam packedduring the week end but any day of the week is good 

El Nopal

El Nopal
3 rue Eugene Varlin
75010 Paris
M° Colonel Fabien or Chateau Landon

I never got a chance to go to Mexico yet .

a mexican friendof mine in Paris took me to a spot  owned by a bunch of Mexicans cooks called El Nopal  

WOW : A great choice of fresh tacos and buronn of course but not only . you can also try propositions less common such as  torta (filled thick bread)   or Campachena ( wheat tortilla with avocado and marinated beef and cactus) 

the tortillas are minute maid and that what makes the difference. I m ready to go to Mexico now 

Yogis Bar

63 Avenue de la Bourdonnais, 75007 Paris
from monday to saturday

Did you know that indian streetfood exists ? 

Honestly i didn't . I got a few adresses of good indian restaurants in the city. Last spring  I was going to the Champ de mars to watch a Euro 2016 Football match at the FanZone when i discovered Yogis Bar 

I was puzzled since I ve never seen the Concept of Indian Street food in the form of grilled sandwich filled with Indian specialties. Yummy



6 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 75009 Paris
from monday to sunday
11:30am to 11 pm

the pun is intended here ( mer is sea in english ...) and yeah i'ts rotten..

BUT the fish is fresh and this french version of fish&chips is smart and tasty 

it starts with the dough which is a mix of japanese tempura for the crisp and clasic breading . that technique brings the lightness of the whole dish . they also put a french twist using mashed lentils instead of green peas

they also propose a " Fish Dog" served in french baguette which is ideal if you want try it to go and eat out . 



EL Guacamole

El guacamole
37 Rue Yves Toudic, 75010 Paris
From monday to sunday
noon to 11:30 pm

i did not realize how much tacos become such a trend in Paris recently . I was on my way to a an appointment and i walked through Rue de Lancry on my way to the Canal . Halfway in the street i noticed that little spot called El guacamole . After my meeting i went straight back . you can't miss it even if it's small . the owner's are really nice an the open kitchen proves how proud they are to show that they do everything from the tacos to the fillings . 10 euros for a tasty meal with special hot sauce on side if you want to bring the heat .