Asia on my Mind !

Paris is a very international Cityand Asian Food has been a part of our landscape for a long time now but we tend to think that all asian food is the same and we disregard the fact each and every country is different and that China itself is a country the size of a continent . 

I was raised in Normandy in the 80's  eating nems , spring rolls , Onion Beef and cantonese rice and i though that was it . 

After 25 years in Paris , i  discovered the Japanese Sushis and the Thai Food but it took me years to realize that was just the tip of the iceberg and that Asian food is definetly one hell of a complex , sophisticated and savoury food . 

The adresses you'll find here are all about classic dishs executed to perfection  or out of the box dishes that you won't find in your average restaurant.