121 rue Monge Paris
75005 Paris
M°Censier Daubenton

Welcome to Cambodia ! Among the legion of asian restaurants in Paris , there's only a few cambodian restaurants. This one is defenitly my favorite . 

The Chang Family ( the owner's ) are dedicated to make sure that they will give you the opportunity to get the best of the Cambodian ( and the Kmers ) culinary culture .

Mrs Chang cooks and Mr Chang will be your host and he's very nice and explain anything that you want to ask . If you like it HOT , I suggest that you say so when you order because Mrs Chang try to protect your stomach and you might like spicier seasoning .

Prices are soft ( lunch menu 13/14 euros / 20 euros for Diner)  

Chez Tonton

This is so not your average chinese restaurant. 

Before entering check the poster outside : No Nem , no shrimp raviolis , no Litchee , no noodles , no cantonese rice , no dimsum , no dessert !

Inside , it's a little bit of the mess ( it's very clean though don't get me wrong )  

So what''s it"s gonna be then ? well stuff you never eaten before since Shi Xiaoyi ( the chef ) is specialised in Mandchoue imperial Cooking . 

The food is gorgeous , tasty and irresistible . the food arrives on the table not in the order you might expect but when they are ready but who cares when the food is so tasty. 

Prices are soft . 





2, rue des Ciseaux
Paris 75006
M° Odeon , St Germain des Prés

Probably one of the best ( not too expensive ) real Sushi restaurant in the area . 

The shushi are prepared in front of  by a very focused japanese cook ( he's not paied do to conversation so don't expect him to spit jokes or comment his work ) but this is state of the art sushi with the perfect rice cooking (the sushi dislocate as soon you put it in your mouth like it supposed to). 

Some you might be challenged by the sub zero ambiance in the place but sometimes silence is a vertue . One Japanese friend told me that apart from the shrimp ( the taste of the asian fresh shrimp can not be duplicate in Europe) , it was one of the closest shushi bar to a japanese one .