59B Rue de Lancry, 75010 Paris
M) Jacques Bonsergent

my name is Samy so went i walked the sidewalk in the rue de Lancry , the name of this restaurant across the street sounded like a sensual invite : Saam!

I felt compelled to give it a try and no matter what your name is , you should feel compelled to try it on your own .

BAO Burger is one of the new tendancies for street food in Paris ( London is way more advanced on that matter but Shiso , Siseng , Ito Chan )  

that sweet 11 euro lunch deal ( 2 bao + Fresh french fries ) is irresistible. 

Paris Hanoi

74 rue de Charonne 75011 Paris
Métro Charonne / Ledru Rollin
From Monday to Sunday

Paris Hanoi is close to 20 years and his history is nice. 

3 Vietnamese brothers . their Mum & Dad got a flair to do excellent food out of nothing ch. In 1996 they rented a food stand in a Rue de Charonne Yard Sale and got rave success from the crowd. 

they decided to rent a small spot in the ( at that time ) unexpensive rue de Charonne and became instantly succesfull.

The reason for that : The food is flavorfull and unexpensive ( still is) , the place is Cosy and cute . the team is extremely nice ( and god know they are busy ).

Whether you pass by at lunch time or diner time the place is jam packed so reservation is important but you can also order for take away if you want .

Attention : NO CREDIT CARD / bring your Cash but since the prices are soft , it s ok .  



Au Ciel

97 Rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris
M° Charonne

Charonne is not an Asian neighborhood ( like 13e arrondissment or Belleville Area ). So when you see a restaurant always full with chinese tourists and a line outside every single day ( i live next to it ), you can't help but being curious . 

They are specialised with Chinese Fondue but not only . There you can eat stuff you 've never eaten in your regular chinese restaurants . Their specialty of sautéed Shrimps is among the best dish i've ever ate in a chinese restaurant ( i made the mistake of ordering a side of cantonese rice that i finally ended up bringing home untouched since the dish was self sufficient) . 

The taste is ridiculous . One advice though , if you don't like spicy let them know about it cause they bring the heat almost every time to stick up to their clientele's taste 

The place is very busy but the team is really nice . 


1 Rue Faidherbe, 75011 Paris
M° Faideherbe Chaligny
from Monday to Sunday

As you can see on the picture. 

Nouilles is preparing its own Noodles and they want you to know about it . 

Watching the guy juggling with it when you pass by the window is catchy enough to make you come in and once you taste it , you're hooked . 

You might enjoy those noodles in a Pho or as full Dish . Flavors are fresh ( sometimes, a little more seasonning is necessary ) . I m not that fond of the dining room downstairs but most of the time i take it away . 


Nan Chang

143 rue de charonne
75011 Paris
from Monday to sunday (diner time only )
M° Charonne ( L9) or père lachaise ( L1)

Nan Chang is the Sitchuan version of "Au ciel" except they only open for diner time 

Asian crowd every day so you know it's authentic fresh Asian food . 

The place is refreshing and funky decorated (in between Manga and Communist Memorabilia) 

The propositions goes from the simple chicken to more adventurous dishes (Gelified pork Blood)

Sitchuan Fondue is a specialty ( once again make sure to let them know about your spice tolerance )

The place is unexpensive enough to have you come back but since the place is small you'd better make a reservation )  

Ravioli de Juin

Le Ravioli de Juin
78 rue de Charonne
75011 Paris
M° Charonne or Ledru Rollin
From monday to Sunday

Chinese Dumpling can be extraordinary when fresh or plain when frozen and industrial. 

No doubt about the freshness here since they prepare the dumpling right in front of you . 

As for the taste, my preference goes to the pork dumplings but you can try a little bit of everything to make you own opinon . 

the place is quite and a little small if you're a numerous group ( but this is ideal for one to 4 party top) . The cooks were nice enough to answer my stupid questions about Dumplings ... 🙂

China Club

50 Rue de Charenton, 75012 Paris
M°Bastille /Ledru Rollin

I could have put a picture from the inside to make you RUN to it . I encourage you not to peep on the internet before you go cause that is the way i experienced it 20 years ago and i just fell in love with the place instantly .

Picture this , Hong Kong 1920's , Colonial asian style . It feels like time just stopped and you're in for a time travelling experience. This place look stunning , the team is so much nicer than what you would expect from such a big place (try the infamous El Barrio nearby  for that matter) and so are prices on the menu . you can do a whole evening out of it. 

Sometimes i had a reservation and sometimes i did'nt but usually they  find a way even if they are extremely busy ( especially the week end ) . I confess the food is very good but not exceptional but it's reasonably priced . The place is infectious and will grow on you .