Peco Peco

47, rue Jean-Baptiste 75009 Paris
M° Pigalle

Peco Peco means " I m Hungry " in Japanese . 

At Lunch , it means it's time to try the Katsu Sandwich which a crispy panned pork chop with a smartly seasonned Red cabage salad , add a green tea and raspberry tiramisu to end up with a sweet taste . they do 200 of those every day at lunch. it's always sold out ....

For Diner , it 's a japanese tapas joint where you can drink and eat small portions of different things such as kushiagés ( crispy lightly fried brochettes ) made of meat like pork , chicken or beef . those kushiagés also exist with courgette & parmesan , aspergus and Bacon 

It's tasty and not as fat as you think it would be. 

The only problem is that the place is kinda small 


Restaurant Toutofu
25, rue Ordener
75018 Paris
M°Marcadet Poissoniers or Max Dormoy (L12)

For my vegan friends , you'll get the best tofu experience in this humble spot 

For my non vegan friends , if you ever want to try a tofu dish and appreciate it and put your prejudice away for a sec , you' re in for a big surprise. 

I was like you , i though tofu was tasteless , uninteresting . Céline et Kham, the couple that run the place converted me with one hell of a surprising lunch and they were very happy that i changed my mind . Tofu can be creamy , crispy , tasteful 

I did not become  vegan on the spot ( not in this life i guess ) but now i will shut down anybody that would say anything wrong about Tofu  

Street Bangkok Local

Street Bangkok Local
3 rue Eugene Varlin, 75010
M°Chateau Landon or Louis BLanc
From Monday to Sunday

If you ever been to Thailand you know that Street Food is an institution. You can walk the street , grab a bite here , grab another bite there and end up on another stand  

Based on that , a former chef from the Mandarin Oriental ( 5* hotel) decided to recreate the illusion of a Bangkok Street in the form of a food court with different food stands of different sorts and you can create your own experience by going from one to another . 

Most of the cooks come from Thailand and they cook the same way they would do in Bangkok  Cwhich mean that if chili pepper is involded , you gonna feel the burn ) 

Everything is fresh , cooked on the spot and the skewers are cooked "a la minute"and the prices are low  



Restaurant Lüük
27, rue de Clignancourt
Paris (75018)
M° Barbes (L4 or 1) or Chateau Rouge (L4)
From Tuesday to Saturday


This one is a "must try" as it is the last opened of the four spot i presented in this Area .

It's Good , it's Cheap ( 10 euros for a whole meal !! ) with the choice of 8 different Bento from 6 differents asian countries . Great flavors and a Vegan Bento for those interested .

You've been to chinese restaurants before and to say the least , desserts has never been their forte . As far As Luuk is concern , the "Cherry on the cake" is that their desserts are as orignal as they are excellent like this creme brulée tart with strawberry mousse or that crusty green tea and raspberries Chou ( not to mention the lemon and gooseberies tart ). 

Open all day . Stop there for lunch , tea time or diner if you re in the Montmarte area