3 fois plus de Piment

3 fois plus de Piment
184, rue Saint-Martin
Paris (75003)
M° Etienne Marcel , Rambuteau
from Tuesday to Sunday

" three times more Chili pepper " is the name of that spot who's been voted best noodles 2016 by the Foodin critics. it 's the young brother of " twice the chili pepper" near St Ambroise rue st Sébastian 

That nice and modern little spot is especially dedicated to The Sichuan spécialties with traditionnal recipies from Chef Cheng . One thing i appreciate is the fact that for each meal you can choose the degree of heat that you want ( from 0 to 5 ) . Take my word that a level 1 is already hot . Past 1, get ready to feel the burn .. 🤒. Consider yourself warned !! 

it's very cosy so that could be a great place for a romantic diner

Large choice of Dumpling and Noodles reasonably priced  . try the 4€ ravioli as a starter ( 4 pieces of heaven ) : they are addictive from the first bite. 



75002 PARIS
M°Strasbourg st Denis
From tuesday to Saturday

Korean Restaurant that i would advise you to try for diner . it opened last year 

You should make a reservation and come like 30 to 45 mn early to make sure you stop at the bar to try one of the cocktail creations ( the "Thug Life" is really good and so is the " bubble trouble " ) 

The menu is short but efficient and you will find your way . sometimes the simplest thing can be the best like this Banchan ( little condiment to eat with rice ) with roquette/ shiso/ Lime and Peanuts

Great place to go before or after Theater for example .  


x Kunitoraya
5 rue Villedo
Paris 75001

Great Japanese Restaurant in the area that is different from all the ordinary shushis spots you can fin in Paris ( where most of them order their sushi from big companies ) . 

Kunitoraya is specialised in UDON ( Japanese large pasta ) than you can try different ways : 

with shrimps fritters (Tempura-Udon) , vegan version with fried soja paste ( Kitsune Udon ) or with minced pork, radiccio and salsify (Kunitora-Udon) . 

Like every noodles , one has to eat it fast , slurp it & don't chew it . 

The place is different because of it decor ( 1900 typical french brasserie ) that is akward regarding the kind of food they serve but that the reason why the japanese owner fell in love for it and decided not to change anything . 

Great place for a romantic diner . 

les Pates Vivantes

Les Pates Vivantes
3 rue de Turbigo
75001 Paris
From Monday to Sunday

Typical Lunch time restaurant . The place itself lack the decorum but the food is fresh ( including the spectacular creation of the noodles that are done daily on the spot ) . 

Don't expect any fufu chichi treatment . Lunch deal goes from 12 euros to 15 euros  ( and you will be full at the end of your meal ) 

The first ( and very small ) original restaurant is the 9 arrondissement. This one is bigger and the location is more touristic ( near Les Halles and St Eustache Church ) 



17 rue des petites Ecuries 75 010 Paris
M°Strasbourg St Denis
Chateau d'eau

Banh mi & Bento Shop located in the busy area of strasbourg St Denis and Chateau d'eau , Bulma is giving you one the best Bahn Mi in Paris .

Bahn mi is a Sandwich in a good Baguette Bread with a lot of coriander , grated carots , salad and your choice of spicy chicken , pork , beef or duck . Very flavorful and refreshing .

Lunch deal is 9/10 and you should try their homemade limonade ( not too sour and not too sweet ) . there is only 4 to 5 tables so take away might be the best option .

If you are not down for a sandwich Bulma propose also nice little Bento .

The Owner is a french Vietnamese guy and he picked up his favorite recepies from it Grandma .

Big Up to GrandMa !!!