Chinese District : hidden treasures

Contrary to London , New York or San Francisco , the Paris chinese area located in the 13th arrondissement is plain and compared to its international sisters definitly not a touristic favorite The only thing it can compete with is the multiplicity of restaurant's propositions . Here a selection of the best i 've been trying so far .. 

Pho 13


The Pho 13 is the spot if you like tasteful Pho and vietnamese specialties . 

The place is not spectacular but large, easy to find and busy all day . 

Focus on their specialties  indicated on the menu with "dac biêt 13" and you'll be in for a treat. 


New World

Cantonese / Sechuan 

New World is like those hidden gems which adress you only give to your good friends . 

New world is already hidden anyway by .... the Mac Donald's restaurant on the avenue. 

A friend of mine took me there years ago and to be perfectly honest when i first arrived i was a little surprised : WHY THIS PARTICULAR Restaurant

The answer is in the plate . I was lucky we were four so we decided to try as many things as possible. Best Cantonese Diner i've ever had and they don't charge you much for this . 

The owner is really dédicated in makin sure that you have a good time . 

New World Rules !! 


Bekjseju Village

Bekseju Village in Paris
53 boulevard Saint-Marcel – Paris 13ème
Métro : Gobelins, Saint-Marcel


Here 's a memorable Korean restaurant . The freshness of the food , the versatility of the flavours got me beg for more . Bekjseju is a drink . This is a rice alcohol with a taste of ginger , licorice and Goji . it's not too strong and will complement your meal whatever you choose. 

The Bibimbap of course is a great choice and served with its side Banchans but you can go grill or filled patties. 



Sala Thai

Sala Thaï
13 Rue des Frères d’Astier de la Vigerie – Paris 13
M°Prte de Choisy

Thai Food 

I got to admit i m a sucker for thai food . It's problably the last asian food i discovered but once you go THAI you never got tired .😲

That said , there is a lot of ordinary thai restaurants in Paris . this one is NOT one of them. i tried to find something i didn't like but failed to it . 

Not only they bring you classic thai food with a high quality but they dare to propose stuff that you don't see anywhere else ( like a yummy 5 spices grilled Andouillette or the one on the picture called Kanom Krok (a pancake filled with pork and cives and rolled ). 

Prices are soft . the place is quite ( no groups though cause it's too small ) 

Service is a little cold ( mostly due to the language barrier ) but they will explain you the dishes if you ask ( and you will since there are no pics on the menu which is something they should do . That would be to their advantage since their sense of presentation is great )