Une Souris et des Hommes

Une Souris et des Hommes
17 Rue de Maubeuge 75009 Paris
M° Anvers or St Georges

The name of this joint is a tribute to Steinbeck's "of mice and Men" (mice here being nickname to a woman) 

If you re visiting Montmarte around tea time , this new place is just perfect. S&H has bring the classic french pastries to great level of freshness and perfection and the promess is fulfilled . 

Tea time Salons are a big trend this last couple of years in Paris . this one was an instant success because of the versatility of its propositions : 

Different kind of cakes , tea and light sandwiches , pastries ( individual or to share) that you can bring home for lunch or diner . But that's not all , it's also a library and you can also book a pastry class ( in small group ) .

During the Week End , it's Brunch time but to be honest . Rose Bakery's Brunch still win in the same Area  

take a look at the E boutique if you want to see by yourself : 



Laurent Favre Mot

For me, Laurent Favre Mot is to pastries what Jean Paul Gautier used to be to fashion when he first started : an "enfant terrible" .

Strong tastes , wild choices of forms , textures and a Punk Rock Attitude like its signature cake called « Fucking Dark Chocolate » with a 3D chocolate skull on top. 

The rest of his creation are very strong . Don't get fool by the apparent simplicity of the cakes cause there is always a hidden twist ( like the addictive Vanilla Pecan Tart ) 


Arnaud Larher

Arnaud Lahrer
57 rue Damrémont – 75018 Paris
M°Abesses / Lamarck Caulaincourt
From Wenesday to Sunday

I always check Pastry Shop windows when i walk in the streets . Always ! but i don't stop every time unless something catch my eye . 

This is what happenned when i was walking rue Danrémont where i was supposed to pick up a roasted chicken , i stopped abruptly when i saw Arnaud Larher Flip Flop Cakes. 

The rest of his creations are less extreme but i noticed the extreme meticulosity of the design of each cake . 

That came as no surprise when i noticed that Arnaud was a MOF ( Meilleur Ouvrier de France which is the most prestigeous Price you can get in this field ) . 

I bought a Mojito Flip Flop Cake and a raspberry tart ( with a vanilla cream cube in the middle). I was so excited to taste it that i almost forgot to pick up the chicken ...


The 2 women that owns this Ice cream/Chocolate/Candy Joint used to own a Bar in the Montmartre Area . Tired of the nighlife , they decided to opened that place in 2014 . 

They became the Favorite ice Cream dealer of the area instantly and as soon as you ll try it you will know why. The Fruits Sorbets are among the best i ve ever try . it's like biting the fruit itself . the sugar is well balanced ( not too sweet ) and the ice cream like chocolate or the praline flavored ice cream is really top notch . 

In Summer timer they stay opened late . You have no idea how cool it is to eat an ice cream cup  whatching sunset on montmartre .....