Christohe Michalak

Michalak Paris
16 rue de la Verrerie
Paris 4e
M°St Paul

Christophe Michalak , along with Pierre Hermé ( and Conticini to my taste ) are among the living Pastry Wizards Aristocraty . Take a look a the Religieuse on the picture if you don' believe me but give it a bite if you want to know why this cat is considered a genius. 

Visually his Cakes are stunning and inviting 

Michalak is a creator but he knows his classic by the book and his genius is in the twists and daring association that he makes and the visual of his creation ( he was destined to be a designer ) He became famous at the turn of the century by attending the pastry at the plaza Athénée in Paris ( he just left it in 2016 because of the succes of his own brand ) . He worked for Pierre Hermé in The 90's 

His Shop in le Marais is busy and of course he got other spot in the city . 

Just for Fun , try one of his recepee on his site : 

Send Me the Picture of you cake . if it looks 80% as beautiful as the real thing : I send you a gift wherever you are . ( i tried the Fantastik Strawberry Pistaccio and the result was....a hot mess !! 🙂

If you decided to go ask for a " Fantastik" his signature cake . then you can die .... 



51 rue Montorgueil 75002 Paris
M°Etienne Marcel

Every year in january to celebrate Epiphany , i go to Stohrer to get a  Twelfth-Night pancake because they taste great , buttery and crispy . 

Imagine that ! this pastry shop is there since 1730 . in 1725 , the King of France's wife who was polish had to move to Paris but refused to leave without her personel chef Mr Stohrer . That lad ended up opening this very store 5 years later. 

Stohrer is not the best pastry shop in Paris but the cakes are good and the shop itself is worth the visit . 

Au petit Versailles du Marais

1 Rue Tiron, 75004 Paris
M° St Paul

Like Stohrer , Au petit Versailles du Marais found his way in my blog because of the stunning beauty of the place more than the innovation of its creations . 

The place is nice both inside and out and if you walk that street, i know that will stop to take pictures . Come on ! get inside and pick a cake ! that won't hurt you i promess !


Bontemps !!! 

If you have sweet tooth , try this little experience : walk the street on rue de Bretagne , around number 53 you start smelling that caramelized butter and sugar smell . you just got "Bontempted" . Don't try to resist that spell coz you're waisting your time .

Bontemps is THE Shortbread Temple . they mastered that dow to a level never reached before i don't know anybody that can resist it . and boy who wants to resist .  

une Glace à Paris

For a long period , if you wanted to eat an exceptional ice cream , Berthillon located on the ile st  louis , was the spot. Period . it still is but the offer is now more diverse and "Une glace à Paris" is one of the last avatar . 

Opened in June 2015 ( right before summer of course ) , Emmanuel Ryon is not only selling high quality ice scoops . He also bring the ice cake back in fashion (his "omelette norvegienne" is out of this world and will have you beg for more )

If you're in le marais , treat your eyes and go take a look and treat your mouth with a great ice cream experience . ( i don't know about you but when i want to know if an ice shop is good or not , i try chocolate and if i like it i go through some more adventurous flavors )

How 's chocolate here ?  first there are 3 different kind  and they all gorgeous . 6.5 euro for 3 scoops . With this kind of quality : it's a bargain ! 


39 rue du Roi-de-Sicile 75004 Paris
M° Hotel de Ville

This Summer 2016 , Pozetto Strawberry sorbet was voted best by a jury of culinary journalists. 

I tried it ! and it sure is good . They tend to follow the season to make sure to have the best mature fruits and i do appreciate the effort . 



Restaurant Dessance
74, rue des Archives
Paris (75003)
M° Arts et Métiers
From Tuesday to saturday

Dessance is a UEO ( Unique Eating Object ).

Are you ready to make a whole diner or lunch out of desserts .

You should give it a try. As far as i know this is the only spot whre you can do that . 

Served on a plate , minute maid and served in three to five courses , get ready for a brand new experience. Dessance works through seasonal products so the menu change at least four times a year. it s not your average desserts that you can buy in a shop . it's adventurous and if you can , ask for a seat at the counter to watch the cooks create ( fascinating ) . they use every technique in the book to enhance , hide , disract , trick . 

a tad expensive for Diner (36-50 e)  but  very  affordable for lunch (20 to 26e)  the high quality and the unicity of the place deserve it .no doubt .

 My Advices :

go with friends ( they propose a formula for people who also want salted dishes)

Choose a formula that includes wine association ( or non alcoholic drink association if you prefer) as they complement the plates very wisely .