My New neighgorhood rocks !!

I ve been living in the Montmartre/ Pigalle area for 20 years and April 2016 i moved in the République / Nation Area . 

I discovered that my sweet tooth will be well educated there too . 

Here is the result of my first discoveries. 

Jojo & Co

Jojo & co
Marché d'Aligre Beauvau, Place d'Aligre, 75012 Paris
M° Ledru Rollin
From Tuesday to Sunday

the Marché D'Aligre ( also called Marché Beauveau ) is one of the most Famous food market . 

It also used to be the cheapest but the gentrified 12th arrondissement changed it a little bit on that matter but it is still worth the visit . 

I discovered Jojo & Co on my first visit after moving out. Johanna ROQUES owns the place . she's located in the Halle of the Market. What i like the most is that you can actually look at her team do the cake through the opened kitchen on the back of the shop . 

The First thing i tried was a "brioche feuilletée" ( which is in between the brioche and the croissant ) and i was hooked . 

I got back the day after and start trying all her cakes . She has this flair in putting a extra twist to classics : she add basil to a lemon tart and it's a whole new story . She adds Chestnust cream to myrtle tart and it's another hit . 

So now everytime i go to the market , i try something new and i ll be done : well i guess i ll do it again... 


Cyril Lignac

Cyril Lignac
24 rue Paul Bert 75011
M°Charonne or Rue des boulets ( L9)
From monday to Sunday

In France , Cyril Lignac became famous through a TV show . 

Years later , He owns the rue de Chanzy wich is 3 mn from home. he's got a restaurant , A pastry and bakery shop and a chocolate spot .

As far as the Pastry Bakery is concerned , Cyril Lignac is in between creative signature cakes like the Equinoxe or the orange nuts tart and the Classic Baba au Rhum .

Success is there and he now have 4 differents Pastry shop in the city .  



29 Rue Debelleyme, 75003 Paris
M° Filles du Calvaire
From Tuesday to Sunday

Monomaniac Shop is hit or miss bet . this one is a HIT 

Popelini is specialized in small cream puffs and bring untried flavors to the cream puff game . 

They are prepared daily ( and usually 2 batch a day to be correct ) so you can be sure that it won't be soaked up in a fridge . The result is really nice and flavorfull and i like the crunch of the puff whic make it explodes in your mouth releasing the cream . 

The flavors goes from classic Chocolate or Vanilla to Lemon , Raspberry ( with a twist of rose ) , pistaccio ( with a twist of cherry fruit ) , Butter salted Caramel . They also have a flavor of the day . 

Need a reason to come the area , try the very colorfull Marché des Enfants Rouges five minutes away



4 Rue Sedaine, 75011 Paris
open from Monday to Sunday

The two guys that owns Diamande are very smart . One is Libanese and the other one is Marrocan. 

Their proposition is to put a twist to the already delightfull oriental pastries by trying ( and succeeding ) to put less sugar in it and introduced new flavors that ordinary are not used in oriental pastry ( like fresh fruits and chocolate)

The result is actually mindblowing and i really rediscovered this type of sweets . Not only they bring the classics in a fresh and delicious way but their creations ( especially the ones with chocolate or citrus fruits ) are more than very convincing and will soon become classics. 

The addition of a not too sweet fresh Figues Mash in the classic Makroud is outstanding . 

Run to it !