PARIS LEFT BANK is where the Pastry Aristocraty Lives ..

Pierre Hermé , Cyril Lignac , Christophe Michalak have a shop in the area ( i just chose to present them in other area they're in for balance's sake)  . The Odeon St Michel Area concentrate the whole Royalty of Pastry Masters. You just can't go wrong with those wether you look for a classic or creative Pastry , you will find what you 've been craving for and probably more. 

La Pâtisserie des Rêves

La Patisserie des rêves .
93 Rue du Bac, 75007 Paris
M°Rue Du Bac or Sèvres Babylone

There are 3 major revolutionary Pastry Chef in the post Lenotre Era . 

Pierre Hermé and his former protégé Christophe Michalak are the more mediatic/charismatic but for me Philippe Conticini is also in a league of his  own. 

He has been relentless in refining the classics like a taste maniac and i encourage you to try his take on the classics ( his awarded Paris Brest is full of those little details that take it to next level , his Millefeuille is a masterpiece in lightness and taste ) 

He's also a very creative artist and his last creations like the Vanilla Grand Cru or The Calisson are just instant classics that should be brought to Pastry School immediatly

The Shop itself will surprise you with the way the cake are displayed under bell glass jar like jewels .   

Hugo et Victor

Hugo & Victor
40 Boulevard Raspail, 75007
M°Sèvres Babylone

It 's always difficult for me to process the fact that Hugo & Victor is only 6 years old . One has to realize that like their elder peers they already opened shop in Japan this early April 2016 . 

I don't like their cakes as much as i like Hermé or Conticini but i command them for their visual présentation flair ( take a closer look at the picture ) and their sense for creating instant crowd-pleasing pieces .



81 Rue de Seine, 75006 Paris
M° Odéon

In 2008 , GROM opened his first Ice cream Parlour in Paris on the left bank and there was finally a serious competitor to the always great and institutional BERTHILLON . 

And boy do those italians from Milan know how to work   lethal ice creams and seasonal sorbets . Their Pistaccio ice cream is really the best one i've ever had and usually it's not even my favorite . 

Now they feel confident enough to be frontal and this August 2016 they opened a new parlour on Paris Right Bank ...right along side the Turin born Ice cream Parlour Pozetto ( see les Halles / Le Marais ) . 

I guess that if they could ( it would have too expensive though ) they would have open one right in front of the historical Berthillon's Parlour on the Ile st Louis . 

MAy the best team Win ..