Pizza Popolare

111 rue reaumur
M° Grands Bouleverds , Sentier , Opera

Pizza Popolare is the last yet craziest idea from the creators of East Mamma and its succesfull declinations ( Ubermamma & Obermama ) . the idea is simple but efficient bring the best italian flavors that even italian in Paris would validate . the pizzas arre ridiculously unexpensive ( start at 5 euros ) and tasteful and the rest is nicely priced . Contrary to their other adresses this one is hudge and it's okay coz it 's npot far from 3 diffrent very bus spot ( bourse ( business crowd ) Opera and Grands boulevards ( shopping and movie theaters ) . it reminded me of those big italian restaurants in New York and just a check at the full tatooed hipster open kitchen team sealed the deal. Lucky for you and me , this is not just a fashion statement and the food qulity is really impressive .