How to extend your Holidays ?

When i go to the US , i make sure i pay a visit to Wallgreens a day before my departure to get my salad dressings , candies, spices , barbecue sauces . i remember vividly the appalled look on the Airport custom's lady face  when she realized a french guy was bringing "Velveta Cheese" back to France..(but it is the secret ingredient to Patti la Belle's Mac and Cheese!!)   

When i go to London , i always stop at Sainsburry for my lemon curd , crumpets and scones 

Visiting a supermarket abroad is an experience cause it tells a whole lot of the ordinary culinary habits of the country . 

I encourage you to check out supermarkets a day before your departure . One has to be extra carefull with the packaging . 

Here is a short list of the cool supermarkets from the most expensive to the regular price 

take a look :




Au bon Marché / La Grande Épicerie

24 Rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris
M° Sèvres Babylones
From Monday to Saturday

Let me start with the fanciest but also probably the most beautiful supermarket you can get. 

I always considered it as a small equivalent to Harrods 

If you''re looking for gastronomy gift from France , Au bon Marché can be a good deal since you I've got a lot of choice for premium products you can travel with . 

What i like about it is that you can also fing classics from other countries ( US, UK, Italy,Asian, Oriental )

This is quite expensive but if you can afford it don't hesitate . 


opening hours
9am to 9 pm
From monday to Saturday

There is at least 1 Monoprix in each of the 20 arrondissements ( areas ) of Paris. 

This is the french equivalent to Sainsburry or Wallgreens and it will give you a great spectrum of the daily product french folks are offered .

Don"t expect too much exotism but you will sure discover stuff you gonna bring back home and try .

The reason i chose Monoprix over the others such as Franprix or Carrefour is because they are often more daring in the kind of products they sell from the lowest to higher prices.