Food Festival

If You compare to London for example , Paris is a little late in term of proposition for street food festival or street food market but it tends to improve more and more ( last summer saw 4 different new proposition so it's bubbling ...  

I m gonna try to give you some info about what's going on month by month . 

I m very sad to learn that the street food festival planned sept 23/24/25 had to be canceled for security reason . See u next years hopefully 


Delirium Café Street Food Party every Saturday night

La Street Food Party is on every saturday nigh at the Délirium Café ( Paris 2 ) 

the story started in 2015 and is still running due to its constant success . 

every Saturday, hundreds of amateurs of street food find themselves to have a Junkfood extravaganza time with the best of the current street food, without having to run after food trucks in every corner of Paris, with menus imagined for the occasion; the Hummus Bar, Black Spoon, WokNRoll and many others else are there. Having tasted the various specialities of trucks make sure you excercise in the clubbing area till 5 am in the morning!

the Location is drop dead beautiful  le Salon des Lumières 

Thursday April 6 2017 the Food Market


Boulevard de Belleville ( From M° Courronnes to M° Menilmontant ) 


twice a month on thursday 


Sunny Days finally ! since the bad weather did not stop parisians to come in force during winter season , imagine what it's gonna be now that spring is on . expect a lot of people so come early is my only advice .