FrenchBurgers / Opening this Saturday Dec 3rd

21 Rue de Charonne
75011 Paris
Monday to sunday
from 10:00 to midnight

Bordeaux Burgers 3 Musketeers was supposed to take Paris by Storm in September .Due to some admnistrative blocks , French Burgers will finally open this Saturday and i ll be there!!

So what's the fuss ?

3 Michelin starred Chefs (Christophe Girardot,Pascal Nibaudeau,Fabrice Biasiolo) from south west of France united their knowledge and creativity to give a french treatment to the iconic American Burger. 

So Whats the Deal ? 

Re-invent and enhance the Burger not in a foofoo Chichi way but in terms of bringing new flavors. Devil is in the details and they intend to exploit each and every one of them.  

They first opened 2 restaurants in Bordeaux in 2013  and one in Arcachon in 2016. FrenchBurgers is now a bona fide success there so they decided to enter the game in Paris and intend to open 40 new restaurants before 2021

Where is IT in PARIS ?  

In the very busy Bastille Area . Rue de Charonne is loaded with restaurants but FrenchBurgers proposition is unmatched . If they keep the prices they have in Bordeaux with a fomula starting at 13 euros, they are condamned to success. 

What's the Difference ?

Most of the french burgers are about the quality of the bread, meat, savory cheeses and the originality of the sauce? . FrenchBurgers is all of that ....and more. 

Daring choice of proteine like Duck Confit ,Lamproie Fish , Duck Steak ( South West of France favorites ) 

Versatile choice of Sauces in their reciepes : Wine Sauce , Cèpes Sauce , Red onions and Ginger chutney 

Twists that change everything like the garlic bread on the Lamproie Burger , or the use of Chorizo ,Ventrèche or Leek 

What's the Problem ? 

the SERVICE is a REALLY TERRIBLE ( reminds of the lack of service you HAD in Paris back in the 8o's : TAKE IT AWAY 




Le Pressing

Le Pressing 

So What's the Fuss

Panini reinvented ......

Panini is a bona fide hit everywhere . it's been introduced decades ago . 

The Pressing Team offers to totally reinvent it from the bread to the filling . 

They started out  as an ambulant , ephemoral spot and they finally opened yesterday rue de paradis right in the middle of Paris Junk Food La La Land : the Strasbourg St Denis area

So What's The Deal ? 

The concept is to give one chef the possibility to give his name to a Panini recepy , to choose the kind of bread that would suit it best ( white , paprika , curry & seed or Brioche Bread) 

So What's Different ? 

Tantalizing recepies dying to be tested .

But you also got  3 vegan propositions and daring protein propositions such as Beef Cheek Confit, pork Pallet , veal roast , pastrami 

i only tried one yet called  the THOMAS filled with minced rib eye steak , roquette , mayo , horseradish and provolone . 

The Verdict : 

So Far , Sooooooooooooooo Good but i ll be back to let you know about other Recipies