Much ado about NOTHING ....

The trends comes and goes . some joints self proclaims specialists for this or that and create a joint out of it . When it's true , you got yourself a hit ( renember the story of the Cronuts in New York )

At first i only wanted to promote the joints i found interesting but sometimes Enough is Enough 

This category will list the joints  I tried and i was not impressed at ALL 

Mesdemoiselles Madeleine

Paris IX Rue des Martyrs

Ok the Madeleines are good ! 

Ok they do it with good products !  

Ok the Owner is nice ! 

But 2.50e to 3.50 for a Madeleine !!!!! 

Rent a business in this area is expensive, but i m not here to pay the rent when i can do a batch at home for less than that . 

Croque Monsieur

37, boulevard du Montparnasse
75006, PARIS

In Paris , Croque Monsieur is major deal and the only feud you can get is whether you put bechamel or not in it . It has to be luscious, rich and buttery 

"Croque Monsieur" joint started in New York and was successful so they decided to open a joint in Paris. 

What a dispappointment : overpriced , understuffed and dry .